Posted by: Amelia Ray | October 27, 2010


The Reading Eagle online edition published “Vote 2010 — A guide to the general election,” including the excerpt below featuring state Representative candidate Dennis Baylor.  All state candidates were asked:

The state’s financial problems continue to grow.  Taxing the Marcellus shale has been suggested as a way to boost revenues.  Why do you think we should or shouldn’t put the need for tax revenue above the potential harm that drilling could cause to the environment?

No party affiliation

Dennis Baylor, 60, Tilden Township

Background: Engineer who worked for several area firms before retiring.


Response: “I’m afraid the Pennsylvania legislature has rendered that question moot. While they cannot agree on how much to tax gas extraction, they’re ready to give away nearly $70 million to industry-related projects. The proposed projects range from a Carnegie Mellon research center that would evaluate the impact of drilling to several wastewater treatment plants for the drillers’ fracking fluids, an enterprise center for Marcellus industries and railway upgrades to accommodate the industry. These are paid for by the taxpayers of Pennsylvania, not by taxes levied on the industry. If the Republicans win in November, there will be no tax.”


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